family photojournalism

what is family photojournalism?

If the old adage is true, and a picture is worth a thousand words, what are your family photos saying? Are they telling the stories of your life, showcasing the beauty of the everyday? I believe all of life is worth remembering – not just the days when your hair looks right and yours kids are in good moods.

Family photojournalism is an opportunity to give dignity and worth to those little moments, the ones that make up 99% of your life. This type of session has much less to do with remembering beautiful clothing choices and more to do with remembering your beautiful life.

how does it work?

Think about your life. What is real, ordinary and beautiful? Do you have a favorite activity to do together? Maybe it’s pushing your toddlers in the swing out back; maybe it’s coffee and Sunday snuggles in bed.  

I’ll come into your home and hang out with you and your family for an hour or more. I’ll be a “fly on the wall,” capturing the authentic emotions and rhythms of your life. No poses, no coordinating clothes, no hugs and kisses except those that happen organically.  

why would you want a photojournalism session? 

If you agree with me that a life worth living is also a life worth remembering – let’s chat. If you want your family photos to tell the story of the everyday – let’s chat. If you believe that the whole emotional spectrum, from joy to grief to chaos, is inherently beautiful – let’s chat. If you don’t think a traditional, posed session is right for your family – let’s chat!

I appreciate authenticity and people who don’t care if they are awkward (just like me!). There are so many moments in this lifetime, and I’m betting the majority of your moments are marked more by messiness, chaos and beautiful imperfections than picture-ready personas. I believe the natural, authentic, raw state of things deserves its own attention. Let’s acknowledge and dignify each season of your life and acknowledge the beauty therein.

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