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Starting a New Chapter

Two months ago, I gave birth to our third child. It was a scheduled c-section. Along with the surgery and giving birth to a new life, it brought about so many changes in our family – both immediate and extended. There were issues that came to light that someday I’ll discuss. There are body issues that I am working to tackle. There have been challenges and tears, but also great, great joy as I have seen our older two kids embrace their new little brother and the new family dynamic.

Thanks to Kelly Tuohey for capturing the craziness of our new normal!

Over the next several weeks, I have every intention of making this blogging thing much more frequent and intentional. I’ll be discussing some of my favorite baby products, some of the challenges the come along with parenting 3 under 4, life in the heart of the city, thoughts on family and fighting and how we’re incorporating healthier, more natural routines into our lives.

Stay tuned as I begin this new chapter in life and a new chapter in this blog!


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