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Friday Favorites: Uppababy Vista

**I’m going to be starting a new little series called Friday Favorites. Much as the title suggests, I’ll be talking about a product or something I am obsessed with. Sometimes it will be a baby item, a personal care product, a place…etc. **

First up: the Uppababy Vista! We get comments and questions and compliments on this stroller all the time. I absolutely love it, and totally stand by my decision to buy one (or three…)! Just the other day, it went “hiking” with us and effortlessly bounced the baby over the rocks around an alpine lake, thanks to its never-flat tires! It is great for those who walk a lot, use their stroller for shopping (GIANT basket), take it on bumpy ground or into narrower spaces (escalators! Doorways! Clothing stores!) or just want something that can hold a lot of kids and stuff and not feel completely cumbersome.

I kind of stumbled onto this stroller, so actually haven’t owned any others to compare it to. However, about 4 years ago, before Sugarplum was born, I was on the hunt for the “perfect” stroller and test drove several different brands. My search led me in the direction of Uppababy. An American company, Uppababy has a stroller called the Cruz, which came recommended to me by a friend. This friend is in far better shape than I am, is younger and enjoys baby wearing. Thus, she was less interested in a stroller that could carry multiple kids than I was. As I began researching and trying to figure out what our stroller needs could be, I realized I wanted something that could effortlessly transform from a single to a double (dare I hope for a triple?!) so I didn’t feel pressured to baby wear or choose what child got to ride. Granted, #1 wasn’t even born yet, I didn’t know if there would be a #2 anytime soon (or at all), but hey – I’m a forward thinker 😉

After trying a friend’s double BoB stroller (a jogging stroller….I don’t jog), I realized I wanted something that would be a double in-line. Truth be told – I HATED the width of a double BoB. And so the search for a “double inline stroller” dominated my Google searches. Remembering the great Cruz stroller, I began looking to see if Uppababy had a better option for carting multiple kids and lo and behold – the Vista.

Our Vista journey began with a beautiful Denny red Vista I bought used. It was the 2009 model – I was SO FREAKING EXCITED. Seriously, I used to push the stroller around the living room before Sugarplum arrived, dreaming of the day I’d push our baby (boy. Because we didn’t find out gender, and I was convinced it was a boy, and I was so, so, so wrong). I loved the bassinet feature (approved for overnight sleep, even), I loved the maneuverability and I especially loved how tall the handlebar went up. With a giant for a husband and being tall myself, the tall stroller was so great.

We eventually added a secondary seat – called the Rumbleseat – when pregnant with Mighty Guy. It worked great for a while, until our very tall children both pretty much outgrew the Rumbleseat.

3 years after the purchase of our first Uppababy Vista, and I was pregnant with #3. I had heard chatter about a new model of Uppababy Vista that featured a new Rumbleseat. It could face forward, recline, hold bigger kids. I NEEDED it. And so began the search for a new Vista.

I began by purchasing a floor model of the Vista in Maya Yellow. It was great, and I loved the color (perfect for the little girl I was sure we were having! Again, I was wrong. If you don’t know by now, my mother’s intuition is really terrible). I used to wake up at 3am to pee and stay awake until 7am searching nationwide for various pieces to complete the new stroller and make it into a triple for our soon-to-be 3 in 3.5 years. When I found a Rumbleseat near my parents, I asked them to bring it with them after baby was born. I found a local mom selling a Piggyback board (basically a little skateboard for the back) for $20 and so for under $400, I had a gently-used Uppababy Vista stroller in triples mode – all ready for carting 3 kiddos!

Around the time that Big Easy was born (a boy), I found another deal on a silver Vista to match the silver Rumbleseat. Seeing as how he was a boy, and seeing as how I like colors to match (don’t get me started on mixing blacks and browns!) I bought my THIRD Vista 🙂 My husband thought I was crazy! Nevertheless, I have since sold the extra 2015 Vista, sold various parts of my 2009 Vista (although the frame, toddler seat and bassinet are still for sale! Let me know if you’re interested), and I have gotten the stroller exactly how I wanted it.

img_9686To break it down:
-We have a 2015 Vista with Pascal silver toddler seat. The spot it will sit is currently occupied with our Jake black Mesa carseat. We added some Upper Adapters to give this seat a bit more height and the Rumbleseat a bit more room.
-We have a matching Rumbleseat that can face forward, has a 5-point harness, allows for kids up to 36″ tall and came with a snack tray. My 2 year old Mighty Guy loves to ride here with a tray full of  Goldfish and the giant sunshade up.
-We have a Piggyback board that Sugarplum rides on, or if I don’t have the Rumbleseat attached, I make Mighty Guy ride on since he’s a slow walker. It’s fun and they like wheeling around on it. The board attaches to the frame and stays on, either up and out of the way or down and in use.

I could seriously talk all day about this stroller. By far our priciest baby purchase, but so, so, so, so, so worth it for us. There is a bit of a learning curve with the Vista, especially in relation to the various attachments/adapters/etc. But once you figure it out, it’s so easy! I love being able to pop on the carseat, making the stroller into a travel system that isn’t bulky. If you’ve got questions about the Vista, please reach out! Clearly, I love it 🙂

**No one asked me to write a positive review of this stroller. I wasn’t compensated in any way! However, if you decide to purchase an Uppababy product, I’d love if you’d use my referral link 🙂

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