To Be or Not To Be

As I was growing up, I had many goals for what I wanted to be in life. From a waitress, to a cheerleader, to a veterinarian, to a writer – my vision for my life frequently changed. Nowhere in my vision did I see myself as a stay-at-home-wife and mom. More specifically, I never pictured going days without washing my hair or changing out of pajamas, having no discretionary income to myself or getting excited over a pair of orthotic slippers to help my aging back.

And yet, here I am. Some days I feel like I kick ass at life. But if I’m being honest, most days I am confronted with the reality that I am doing a fairly sucky job at caring for my husband, at being a good mom, at holding it all together emotionally.

This is my attempt to be real. Authentic. To explore the intersection between mom-ing and thriving (does one exist?!). I want to be candid, not only in my photography and our journey to get healthy, but in the deepest emotions I struggle through. I want it to help YOU. Let’s explore what life looks like through the natural lens together – no bullshit, no fake propriety, no disingenious platitudes.

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