The Pressure Is On

Ok, not really, because I’m a little intimidated to turn on the pressure. But the pressure to stop being a pansy is definitely on.

Who here is a proud owner of a new Instant Pot IP-DUO60? This girl. Who hasn’t even plugged it in yet, because I’m more than a little worried about blowing up my kitchen or my face? This girl. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m referring to a new electric pressure cooker I just got. Apparently they’re all the rage and SO NECESSARY for this forgetful almost-mom-of-three.)

I took a nice 10 minute bath tonight – just long enough to watch a video on how to do the necessary water test. And I admit, it assuaged my fears just a little bit. I can confidently pull the utensils and trivet out tomorrow, pour some water in…and then maybe I’ll plug it in. If all goes well with the water test, I may even try cooking in it this week. Who knows? I can be daring sometimes.

What are your favorite Instant Pot recipes? I’ve heard you should start with something simple like frozen meatballs, pasta and sauce. To be honest, ever since doing our first Whole30, I haven’t made any pasta for us. Unless you count the copious amounts of macaroni and cheese my kids consume on a weekly basis. But otherwise, we pretty much always cook spaghetti squash instead. But since they were out of that at the store yesterday, I’ll save spaghetti squash for another day! So, favorite recipes?

On my radar are some rice pudding (because that might be a healthier alternative to the buckeyes, puppy chow and ginger molasses cookies I’ve been consuming), a seafood risotto, some (currently frozen) baby back ribs, and salsa chicken. What are your must-makes? Currently one of my big mental hangups is that I don’t really follow recipes, either. I prefer to wing it. Can I do that without blowing up my house or giving us all food poisoning? Any general tips for inventing meals using the Instant Pot? I’m all ears!

Hopefully this time next week, I’ll be able to report back of at least one successful Instant Pot endeavor!

(This post contains affiliate links. If you decide to buy, I’d love to have your referral! Help a girl out.)

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