Teething Necklaces

For those of you who have ever used amber teething necklaces – give me the skinny. I think Big Easy may be in need of starting to wear one. He’s 3.5 months, but currently we’re in the middle of a really rough night where the tenor of his screams just says, “Pain.”

Is it too soon to start wearing one? Do I need to see a tooth breaking through first for sure? Do they wear them overnight/during naps? That seems unsafe but also when he most needs it.

Any brands or kinds you’d recommend? I like the basic dark look of this one but not sure if color matters or if it’s just for aesthetics. Then again, this one + silicone teether seems to be more bang for the buck, and I do love a good bargain. Any insight? 

I seem to remember a friend recommending something specific when Sugarplum was a baby (and now she’s 4 😭 More on that another time). I definitely don’t remember details though! As we seek to ditch and switch to more natural methods in our house, I’d love help with this teething necklace dilemma! Thanks! 

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